The primary thing which you will want to do in order to lawfully adopt a psychological support pet is always to file your correspondence of intent into the local ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to receive that your own ESA approved. ESA acceptance is straightforward, quick, and inexpensive. This post will help you fill these forms, and emotional support cat there are some distinctive needs that have to be satisfied on your own application to be accepted and publish it.

Financing Services

vds a’campo BV and Bontemantel BV assist you to acquire financing from commercial and pre competitive funding sources. We assess and strengthen the case, until we believe it has sufficient chance to attract funding. In cooperation we can develop a business plan into a proposition that is tailored to the specific requirements of the funding programme of your choice. Van der Straaten worked at Agentschap NL on the development of several programmes and subsidies and is familiar with processes from subsidies Dutch and international programmes. In case your project does not qualify for grant financing, a bankable business plan could be developed to acquire pre competitive loans from development banks and other finance institutions. And we prepare investment propositions to attract private equity from strategic investors, venture capitalists or social capital providers.



Subsidies are available for private sector investment in developing countries from governments, development banks and non-governmental organizations’. Grant facilities typically target innovative risk investment projects that have specific developmental objectives. Subsidy programmes are generally organized as competitions as there are far more qualifying project ideas than can be funded. In case of development banks, a grant is often provided to complement a larger loan.

Subsidy funding is attractive, you do not have to pay back the funds. However, grants come with strict performance, reporting and accountability conditions; we can provide project management support to help you comply with requirements.

  • K2K – Agentschap NL
  • G2G – Agentschap NL
  • PIB
  • Matra South
  • Transition Facility (TF) & DHK grants
  • Africa Enterprise Challange Fund (AECF)
  • FoodTrade East and Southern Africa (FoodTrade ESA)
  • Partners for Water
  • Feasibility study grants
  • Innovating Across Borders
  • Eurostars – R&D projects
  • MMF – Matchmaking Facility


Loans for pre-competitive phase

These loans are issued by Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and non-governmental finance organizations’. Compared to commercial banks, these organizations’ accept a higher risk in order in their pursuit of developmental objectives. The lending policies of DFIs reflect their mandate that debt should be priced at an interest rate which reflects country and project risk. The interest rate therefore tends to be in line with market rates.

  • FMO loans
  • Agriculture Fast Track (AFT – Fund)
  • BIO loans


Equity finance

If your company’s financing needs cannot be met by loans and grants, equity finance may be an option. In case of a start-up company, equity finance (venture capital) is often the only financing possibility. Equity investors generally seek a minority stake, preferring the entrepreneur to maintain the leading shareholding position. Equity investors include development finance institutions (DFIs) and social venture capital (SVC) funds that provide capital to businesses deemed socially and environmentally responsible. These impact investors are looking for business cases that provide attractive returns to investors as well as market-based solutions to social and environmental issues.

  • Crowdfunding, in cooperation with Hinksprong,
  • Equity investors of Monkey’s Den,  in cooperation with Don Ginsel – Principe


Feasibility and pre-investment studies

We undertake studies to determine the feasibility of planned investments, to assess the commercial, technical, social, environmental, institutional, political and financial viability of the proposed investment. The output is a bankable business plan with narrative and financial sections that meets the requirements and expectations of investors and banks.


General information DGGF

The Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF) is a fund of  €700 milion for a 4 year period. The following links are available for more information about the fund.

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