The planning and execution of your strategies has become a key element to your overall success. To respond to the local demand vds a’campo bv can provide the following products:

1) Market research

A thorough study is an indispensable start prior to entering a new market or sector. VDS-ACAMPO has experience in carrying out market research.

De ontwikkeling van retail en voedselverwerkende industrie in Marokko, Algerije en Tunesië


2) Trade missions

VDS A-CAMPO has experience in both incoming trade missions (to the Netherlands) as well as outgoing trade missions. We organise trade and investment missions (B2B) and governmental missions (G2G), involving knowledge institutions and NGOs.  We arrange introductions of delegations with potential new business partners, incorporate Holland Branding and sustainability and alternate the program with lunch meetings and dinners in good restaurants. Moreover, 20 years of experience in the agro-food sector makes that we are able to develop tailor made programs and generate spin off for our clients.

Via Water Folder EN 2015_pdf


3) Market entry strategies

Norbert van der Straaten of VDS-ACAMPO is located in Rwanda. If there is a request for market entry research in East Africa, Norbert can either execute it himself or search for a reliable researcher as a partner (Reference: Reports developed by VDS ACAMPO, assigned by Nyenrode Business University).


4) Export – Agent in Rwanda

VDS-ACAMPO can act as your business agent. VDS ACAMPO cooperates with local experts in the fields of horticulture and agriculture. We go one step further than learning from abroad by entering the market. Depending on the needs and requirements of your business, VDS-ACAMPO can help you to develop your business in these complex markets.

Assisting in developing your business entails:

* Supplying relevant market Information

* Designing a market entry strategy

* Adapting Dutch product(s) to the market in East Africa

* Acting as your agent in Rwanda

* Setting up foreign affiliates

* Managing foreign affiliates

* Provide legal support through our preferred partners

(Reference: Bosman van Zaal, Hoogendoorn, RijkZwaan and Koppert in Rwanda).


5) Import – sourcing products from Africa

Africa offers a wide range of products and raw materials. VDS-ACAMPO has an office in Rwanda and works together with Kyrakyn, Tunisia to source the best products from North Africa. We can assist you in finding a reliable supplier for your products in East and North Africa.


6) Project management (PPP)

VDS-ACAMPO cooperates with various universities, business schools, government institutions (from ministries to municipalities), enterprises and NGOs to form public-private partnerships, thereby creating a favourable environment for the projects where the interests of the state and the private sector overlap. Whatever your objective is, we can tailor a public-private partnership to your custom needs (Reference: VDS ACAMPO developed 2 FDOV projects that are currently being implemented).


7) Acces to finance

VDS-ACAMPO can assist you in accessing finance from commercial and pre-competitive funding sources. We assess and strengthen each case until we believe it has sufficient chance to attract funding. We can develop a business plan into a proposition that is tailored to the specific requirements of the funding programme of your choice. Van der Straaten and Smeele worked at on the development of several international programs and subsidies and we are familiar with processes from subsidies Dutch and international programs. In case your project does not qualify for grant financing, a bankable business plan could be developed to acquire pre -competitive loans from development banks and other finance institutions. We prepare investment propositions to attract private equity from strategic investors, venture capitalists and/or social capital providers.


8) Strategy meetings at Villa Ma Campo.