Connects the needs and opportunities of the private sector in East Africa with the knowledge and investing possibilities in EU. We assisted East African companies to find a business partners in the Netherlands, and qualify for grants, loans and equity for trade and investment projects. In addition, we develop public private projects with Dutch government organisations, NGOs and private sector. We can support you with the introduction of new technologies, development of public private partnerships, consulting services, executive education and access to finance.


We match your business case with knowledge, funds and a business partner from the Netherlands or EU. We work on performance, often no-cure, no-pay. VDS ACAMPO facilitates international cooperation and business development. Active in the following countries: Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC and Zambia

Main sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Water management,
  • Energy and Logistics (with a focus on value chain development and capacity building).

Main objectives and results:

  • Improved (trade) relations
  • Sharing/exchange of knowledge.


Office Netherlands – Naomi Smeele

email: naomi@vds-acampo.nl

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Ms. Smeele is managing the vds a’campo office in the Netherlands. Naomi worked at Nyenrode Business University on a programme to stimulate responsible trade and investment with Bangladesh. Smeele has been responsible for the development of sector studies, sector meetings and trade missions.

At RVO.nl Smeele developed training programmes for middle managers to enhance and stimulate trade and investment with Russian Federation (President’s Programme), Vietnam and South Africa.

Office Rwanda – Norbert van der Straaten

email: norbert@vds-acampo.nl


Mr. van der Straaten is Director of vds a’campo and based in Rwanda. Ir. Norbert van der Straaten MBA has more than 15 years of professional experience in developing public private cooperation, programme and project management. As Team Manager at the Department for International Public Cooperation of RVO.nl – Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, he was in charge of the management of several International Training (Presidents Programme, Matra , K2K) and Government to Government (G2G) programmes. The G2G programme started in 1989 aimed to support the enlargement of the EU. Van der Straaten introduced the G2G programme in the upcoming and developing markets (PSD apps) and developed projects related to agriculture, regional development, environment, energy, logistics and water management. VDS ACAMPO has been founded by Van der Straaten in 2011.

Besides Norbert van der Straaten (Director) the team in Rwanda consists of:

  • William Mwangi (General Manager)
  • Pieter van Schaik (Strategic Industrial Designer)
  • Jacques Tuyishime (Agronomist)

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