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Complex partnerships, in which enterprises, governments and knowledge institutes are involved has become important in the pre competitive phase. Van der Straaten A’Campo BV provides access, in several sectors, to the ‘golden triangle’ in the Netherlands, Russia, North Africa and Turkey. Most promising sectors for cooperation are energy, life sciences & health, creative industries, water, agrofood, horticulture and output materials, high tech systems and materials (a.o. nano), logistics and chemicals.  Van der Straaten A’Campo supports you to develop a business case and benefit from acquired knowledge and networks. Initiatives for cooperation can derive from Russia/Turkey/North Africa as well as from Europe.


Partnership Nyenrode Business University and VDS A’Campo BV;

Development of PPP for Soilcare/SNV/Heifer – Providing analytical services for informed farming in Kenya;

Watermanagement Training for Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Jordan (2012-2014), in cooperation with Ecorys International;

Development and management of PPP for Greenport Holland International – Smart Adaptive Sustainable Horticulture in South Africa and Rwanda.

Smart Adaptive Sustainable Horticulture (SMASH) SMASH is a public private partnership between Dutch leading horticulture companies and knowledge institutions. In this program, the partners aim to make horticulture technologies affordable and adaptable for farmers in Africa. Sustainable development of the horticultural sector is important to realize food security, reduce poverty and protect the environment. Current bottlenecks in developing countries are low productivity, suboptimal functioning supply chains, and market inefficiencies at trade and retail level. Most farmers lack nessecery recourses and have difficulties to produce enough yields and maintain quality while handling and storing their produce. Let alone with selling to the market.

The Dutch horticulture sector can contribute to food security by introducing technologies that are adapted to local circumstances. The challenge is offering technologies and practices that fit the local growing conditions. SMASH will realize pilot ventures with lead investors to test and operate SMASH solutions. These launching partners are committed to share technologies within their value chains and beyond. Long-term partnership agreements will ensure this role. SMASH works with two different countries, at three different levels of technology. This allows the partners to gain experience in different settings, with different circumstances. It will make the adaption process more efficient, once the tech solutions are ready they will be extended to other regions. Greenport Holland International is managing this project.