VDS ACAMPO supports, organises and manages international projects. These are long-term agricultural and horticultural projects as well as short-term projects such as trade missions, workshops and seminars. The team consists of ir. Norbert van der Straaten MBA and Naomi Smeele MA. Norbert is based in Kigali, Rwanda and Naomi is based in the Netherlands.

VDS ACAMPO connects the needs and opportunities of the private sector in Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda with the knowledge and financing possibilities in the European Union. We assist East African companies to find business partners in the Netherlands, as well as qualify for grants, loans and equity for trade and investment projects. In addition, we develop public-private projects with Dutch government organisations, NGOs and the private sector. We support businesses with an introduction to new technologies, access to data, knowledge, inputs, markets and finance.

We can support Dutch companies by providing:

1. Market research

2. Trade missions

3. Market entry seminars in East Africa

4. Matchmaking between companies in Rwanda and the Netherlands

5. Export – VDS ACAMPO acts as an agent for Dutch agro companies exporting to Rwanda

6. Import – VDS ACAMPO provides importers access to suppliers to source products from East Africa

7. Project management (Public-Private Partnerships, PPP’s)

8. Access to finance


VDS ACAMPO assists Dutch agro companies in developing their business in East Africa. This could be either short-term projects (e.g. initiating the export of capital goods) as well as the development of long-term commercial interests (e.g. outsourcing pr, joint venture). Using our network in East Africa, we provide businesses with up-to-date information about the markets in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. We also support East African suppliers searching for partners in the Netherlands. Our extensive network of contacts in the Dutch retail and agribusiness sector enable us to provide companies in East Africa with equipment, data, knowledge, inputs, markets and finance.

VDS ACAMPO focuses on the development of agriculture, horticulture and food supply chains. Efficient use of inputs, water and energy are key to developing the agricultural sector sustainably. Investments in logistical infrastructure are needed to facilitate access to markets.


Develop Public Private Partnerships

Business Consulting

Executive Education

Access to finance


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